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Base Dice Pack

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Including 5 Games for All Skill Levels!

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Uniquely numbered dice system with games that emphasize hard to learn math sums and products. Build “math fluency” while you play!

Use PlaySmart Dice in fun and original games we have developed, existing board games and RPGs, and help introduce them into your local schools with games that are great in classroom settings.

Why? traditional dice are surprisingly inefficient at reinforcing math fact fluency (what we used to recognize as mastery of basic arithmetic and times tables), and kids hate traditional learning tools such as flashcards. And when we game, we should try to maximize the impacts of fun, tactile play on long-term memory.

PlaySmart Dice remove the “easy” number operations and emphasize harder to learn number combinations to ensure students become fluent on math operations that are critical to higher levels of achievement.

The Dice: The PlaySmart Dice set includes two “Mean 11” dice, twelve-sided dice with numbers 3 through 8 occurring twice, as well as two “Mean 13” dice with the numbers 4 through 9 occurring twice. The dice are big – 25mm – and fun to roll.

These dice also teach a natural sense of probability distribution and can be adapted to more advanced games involving the hardest to learn multiplication combinations as our child gamers grow.

Four Dice: Two “Mean 11” Dice (D12 Dice with numbers 3 through 8, doubled), & Two “Mean 13” Dice (D12 Dice with numbers 4 through 9, doubled)

Five Games (that use the Mean 11 Dice Set, Mean 13 Dice Set and a combination of the two sets)
— Game One: Lucky 11 vs. Mean 13
— Game Two: Add Two, Takeaway Blue
— Game Three: Double Done 151
— Game Four: Score 24!
— Game Five: Prime Time
— BONUS GAME: Bluff Enough (included as a digital download)


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2 reviews for Base Dice Pack

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Fun, simple way to get your kids smarter and excited about math!

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